Sonja Zaugg

CO: Parker

  • Where I’m from:

    I was born and raised in Provo, Utah, but I have also lived in South Korea and Dallas and Plano, Texas. I currently enjoy living in Parker, Colorado.

  • Family:

    I grew up in a very loving and musical family. My mom was a performer and my dad wrote music for a living. My husband and I have four children, three of whom are grown.  We have one daughter still at home who is a Singers Company graduate! Our family is the center of our lives, and we jump at any opportunity to spend time together playing games, reading, cooking, going on travel adventures or being active in the mountains. Our children love to sing, and play the piano and other musical instruments.

  • Interests:

    Music and performing were the biggest part of my life while growing up and into my early adulthood. I was constantly in musical theatre productions, doing gigs and recording various albums. As I began to have more children, my passion shifted to teaching. I taught voice and piano in various capacities for 25+ years and I have been a full time substitute teacher for ten years. I love children and being part of the process of their growth in talents and also social and emotional skills. I am so excited to be a part of Singers Company because the philosophies are so connected to my own of creating a loving and fun atmosphere while teaching how to perform.

  • Schooling:

    I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts  in Musical Dance Theatre from Brigham Young University and have studied voice for most of my life.

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    Sonja Zaugg

  • Location

    Parker, CO

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